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How Does Sequestration In Scotland Work?
Sequestration is the Scottish version of Bankruptcy. It is an excellent tool for getting out of debt but before entering into one its important to und

Pros And Cons Of Sequestration In Scotland
If you are at the end of the line with your debts then Sequestration may be the only answer. If you qualify you will be debt free instantly but there

Creditors And Sequestration | What Happens If They Take Action Against Me?
What happens when a creditor forces me to file for Sequestration? Read our extensive guide on creditors and sequestration to ensure you understand the

FAQ's For Sequestration
Sequestration FAQ's. Answers to the most frequently asked questions...

Sequestration Case Studies
If you have decided that Sequestration is the only viable option to get you back on your feet with your finances then read some of our case studies fi

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Sequestration (Bankruptcy) Calculator
See if you qualify for Sequestration with our free calculator.

The 6 Steps To Apply For Sequestration (Scottish Bankruptcy)
Before you file for Sequestration its important to consider all the elements involved and how they will affect you. See our 6 step guide of filing for

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The Two Faces Of The Recession That Cause Misery To Millions, says Bankruptcy Advice Company
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How Will Sequestration Affect My Assets?
Filing for Scottish Bankruptcy will enevitably affect some parts of your life most of all your home and your credit rating. This doesn't mean you will

How Will Sequestration Affect My Job?
If you are entering into Sequestration it is important to understand how it will affect your current or furure employment prospects.

Sequestration (Bankruptcy) V. Scottish Trust Deeds - Which Is The Best Option?
Making the decision to file for Bankruptcy can be a tough decision to make. There is an alternative... A Scottish Trust Deed (STD). An STD is similar

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Write Off Unaffordable Debts

In most circumstances an award of Bankruptcy will allow you to write off most of what you cannot afford to repay, i.e. liabilties such as unsecured loans and credit card debts will be dealt with by your Trustee. Note: There are some debts that cannot be written off. Click here* for more information on the limitations.

Free From Debt Pressures

Unlike a Trust Deed Scotland, Sequestration can make you totally free from provable debts, although you will have to make a contribution from your income for 3 years if you can afford to. Your Trustee takes over dealing with your creditors and you will be totally debt free subject to some limitations depending on your circumstances.

Government Legislation

A Sequestration is under the control of the Scottish Government and is intended to help people who are struggling wither finances. An award of Bankruptcy is not a debt management plan or IVA, meaning there are no regular monthly repayments to make, if you have no surplus income after meeting your normal monthly outgoings.